Top Ten Male Rowers Of All Time

Top Ten Male Rowers Of All Time

Having to choose the top ten male rowers of all time is a tall order. Moreover, rowing is one of the most under-celebrated sports in Olympic history. However, all of the male rowers on this list have exceptional credentials within the sport. Further, all of these rowers have more than five medal sports in Olympic history. Additionally, all of these racers have accomplished more than five gold points in their racing career. Read more…

Top Level Professional Rowers That Have Retired

The sport of rowing requires precision, great strength and a determination to win. Some of the sport’s top athletes have gone on to have memorable careers and are now enjoying the spoils of retirement. These five retired rowers have made remarkable contributions to the sport:

Steven Redgrave

This legendary rower represented Great Britain and is the only rower to have won gold medals in five consecutive Olympic Games. He has also been part of world championship Read more…

Top Level Professional Rowers That Compete

Rowing competitions can be found all across the world. Competitors must train for months before they are ready to compete. Rowing competitions are a lot of fun to watch from the shore or boat. If you are interested in learning how to become a professional rower, then you can search online. Look for rowing classes in your area that offer beginner courses. You can also find rowing classes online.

Join national rowing associations and network with local rowers. You should attend a few rowing competitions to be sure this sport is suitable for you. You must be willing to Read more…

Top Five Tips For Advanced Rowers

There’s many tips that rowers need to make sure that they follow at all times. The first one, is that rowers need to make sure that you use specific muscle activation skills. Using the correct muscles at the correct time, will allow you a more appropriate row. That is why many rowers are in the best physical shape possible so that they do not harm themselves when they begin rowing. They need to also make sure that they have good spinal joint flexibilty. Rowing does involve the use of the spine and a slouched back. You just need to make sure that you know exactly how to use your spine when rowing so you do not hurt yourself in the process. Rowers need to also make sure that good muscle flexibility is being used to the best of their advantage. Rowers need to make sure that they use the up most correct back support so that they do not harm their backs in any type of way. That is why the appropriate training is very necessary before a rower can even enter into any types of competitions. They should also hold their good curves during the drive for more success.

Top Five Tips For Beginning Rowers

People love participating in sporting events. There is certainly no question to that. Given that so many sports fans have taken to the art of rowing, there is a need for them to become educated in regards to the process. Beginning rowers could cause serious bodily injury if they are not careful. The proper steps need to be taken to ensure that they will learn to row correctly, while also allowing the development of their strength and endurance. The following are a few suggestions to help beginning rowers learn the ropes:

1. Always make sure to work out regularly. This cannot be stressed enough. Upper body strength is important to anyone who wants to row professionally.

2. Eat the right foods. You need to have enough energy to get through those rowing sessions. Start your day with a great protein shake and make sure to eat enough carbohydrates and whole grains.

3. Practice constantly. Rowing machines are available at most gyms. If yours does not have one, they can be purchased inexpensively. If you can, go canoeing regularly.

4. Set time goals for yourself and begin beating them. If you want to be a professional, you need to be able to compete with some very talented opposition. Set goals and learn to beat them.

5. Never give up. It might be trying at first, but with perseverance, you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Rowing: Events to See

You probably don’t get a lot of rowing competitions on your channels but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch them near you. There are dozens of races accessible to the public each year and no matter where you live you’re not too far. Here are some of the upcoming rowing events you should try to make it to!
Portland, OR – If you live near Portland you’re close to one of the most well-organized rowing clubs in the country. Aren’t you lucky! The Williamette Rowing Club has monthly races around those parts and they’ll be happy to speak with you, too!
Central Park, NYC – Did you know some of the country’s best rowers like to practice in the park? IT’s not the most ideally suited place but it will do in a pinch so make a day of it and get out to watch your favorites take in some racing.
Massachusetts – Some of the best rowing in the country takes place near Harvard University so there’s no shortage of rowing clubs, here. There are nearly weekly events even through winter so check local bulletin boards for details.

Core Workout Program For Long Distance Rowers

When the words long distance rowers are mentioned people tend to think of strong arms. But to what are those arms attached? Long distance rowers demand a strong core and great stamina. That stamina allows them to compete for the long distances that their boats cover and their strong core, arms and legs give them the strength to power their boats faster than their competition. This balance between strength and stamina must be at the center of core training for long distance rowers.

One of the most important concepts of core training for long distance rowers is Read more…

Upper Body Weight Training Workout For Rowers

Rowing can be a very demanding sport that requires a high level of upper body strength. Developing a weight training workout routine that emphasizes on the upper body will give you the greatest chance of success in your rowing competitions. Increasing upper body strength will help with endurance when a weight training plan is incorporated. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to strengthen your upper body, many of the exercises can be done in the comfort of your home. However the gym offers many machines that will also give you great upper body results.

Weight training will improve your overall performance. Rowing requires power to propel the vessel through the water and building the shoulder, upper arms, forearm, hips and legs will definitely improve performance. Selecting the proper exercises are crucial and exercises must be performed with intensity, within a carefully structured weight program that are relevant to rowing. Weight training exercises should mirror the actual stroke and pace of the row. Bent over row, dumbbell row, straight arm pull ups and cable row are all great exercises for building the upper body.

Maintaining strength over the entire race is very important. Weight training circuits seem to be the best choice in building upper body strength. Weight training circuits can be done on either circuit or station mode. A circuit mode allows the athletic to move between the exercises, while remaining in one place and reducing time between the exercises. Station mode allows the athlete to remain in one place but the weight changes for different exercises. The chosen method depends on the use of free weights or multi gym equipment. However strength endurance training should be done as a circuit. Building upper body strength is important for rowers, the workout chosen should mirror and be tailored to your sport.

Lower Body Weight Training Workout for Rowers

While rowing may seem like an upper-body power sport, this is not always the case. Obiviously, the arms are perceived to control the speed and direction of the boat, but this is just the view bystanders receive. Rowers are actually using their entire body to produce speed and control the boat’s direction. There are several lifts rowers can perform to be in the best possible shape.

The first thing they need to do is a lot of core work. This means they should not only Read more…

Rowing Strength And Conditioning Workout Program

People who are looking for another an alternative way to workout should consider a rowing strength and conditioning program. Rowing workouts deliver a highly effective aerobic workout. Some of the other benefits that can come from a rowing exercise program include: high number of calories burned, upper and lower body conditioning and a low risk of injury.

A rowing strength and conditioning workout program is great for people who are trying to lose weight. Health researchers have found that a person can burn up to 600 calories by working an hour Read more…